3 Tips to detect if your ex is on a dating site

Very often, after a breakup, you still think about your ex because you simply had a great time together and you are just jealous to see him/her with someone else. It is better for you to get back together. In this article, you will find 3 tips that will help you determine if she is on a dating site.

Research the dating sites that exist

This is the first thing to do. Use your search engine to look for the different dating sites available. So, our website offers you the tips you need to find your ex and presents the dating sites available to make your search easier. Make sure you know what you are looking for. Then check out the sites that attract the most people and identify yourself. There are a multitude of sites that offer dating and give you the opportunity to chat with each other to set up dates. When you register on the sites, you will see in the list of people who are on the site, if your ex is there.

Start your investigation

After registering on the sites, you will then start the necessary research that will certainly lead you to your ex. Go to each site and identify their name and then search. You may not be able to see his or her profile typically or that person may have changed the name on the site. You are therefore advised to check each profile, if in the event that you do not find their name directly. You will see a lot of people, but this process will help you to verify your application accurately.

Be patient

It won't be easy to find the person on the list of people you are going to choose. Maybe they are not on the site you have chosen. Try the same procedure with another site and you will probably find that there are new people. If you check all the sites and you still can't find your ex; it is possible that she is not on the dating sites.