Focus on Timelapse Cameras

Nowadays, capturing the world around us is a must. For this, cameras are created. However, not all of them are equal. To capture scenes that last several hours, the usual cameras are not very suitable. However, there is a type of camera called timelapse camera that offers to capture and transform into accelerated video scenes that last a certain time. 

How does it work ? 

Enlaps is the king of the camera that will offer you photos and videos in timelapse. Indeed, timelapse is a camera technique that records a series of images at specific periods of time. Once captured, these images are put together to form a video of short duration and accelerated. 

It is a very interesting process that allows dynamizing a landscape, to realize the passing of time, to capture the evolution of work on a construction site or the evolution of nature, for example. In addition to being visually appealing, the timelapse is also a very interesting analysis or communication tool for individuals or companies. 

Why a timelapse camera ? 

The advantage of these types of cameras is the ability to capture the same scene for several hours or even several days without stopping. Some professional models are even powered directly by solar panels and can compensate for the absence of sunlight for several days to be 100% autonomous. 

In addition, another advantage of cameras designed for timelapse is their resistance to severe and capricious weather conditions. Even with a tropicalized camera, the fear of damaging expensive equipment is much greater. 

Finally, many advanced models offer real-time access to images from an application, which allows, in addition to capturing images especially on a construction site in order to create an institutional film to control and secure the place like a surveillance camera, or to offer an overview of the situation in real time and from a distance. 

Timelapse cameras are excellent tools for monitoring projects or capturing the evolution of the elements of nature. Their strong resistance to weather as well as their performance makes them excellent equipment.