How to choose your charger for pc?

Laptops are everywhere today. Their coming to facilitate the work and the evolution of the world. Several accessories allow the maximum use of the computer, including the charger for pc. How to choose your charger for pc? Details

Definition and role of a charger for pc

A adapter for laptop alienware is a computer tool that allows the battery power of a laptop. It also keeps the PC on or charging if there is no battery. It brings the intensity necessary for the operation of a pc without the risk of damaging it.

Criteria for choosing a charger for pc

For the purchase of its charger, there are several criteria to check. These are: The power of the charger The optimal energy that a charger provides to run a computer is equivalent to the power of the charger. It is also the multiplication of the voltage by the intensity of the charger, and it is expressed in watts (W). The power of the charger is often written on the label of the charger or computer. It is therefore necessary to choose a charger adapted to the power of your pc. Connecting a lower power charger to a higher power computer will prevent its operation. On the other hand, the opposite will not have consequences, because the computer will draw the necessary power that it will need to operate. The size of the connector The connector or tip represents the end of the connection between the computer and the charger. Typically, the size of the connector is specific to each brand of computer. However there may be models compatible with a few millimeters of differences. To measure the size of the tip, we can use a ruler, we measure the inner and outer diameter. The diameters of the tips represent the reference values of the chargers according to each manufacturer. But if you are not able to take its values, the best is to go to a shop with the old faulty charger or computer in order to check the match.