How to easily create a chatbot?

Chatbots are computer programs designed by artificial intelligence to hold conversations with users like human beings. These virtual assistants are part of many computer programs from open IA. Today, thanks to the dominance of these chatbots in the business world, several companies are adopting them to ensure the improvement of customer services. Similarly, these companies use these chatbots to automate certain repetitive tasks. In this article, you will have information on the process of creating a chatbot.

Analyze the chatbot platform

The first step in creating a chatbot is to choose the appropriate platform. A choice of the platform is necessary to start because it includes all the software that will allow the creation, hosting and administration of a chatbot. For more information, do not hesitate to visit this webpage. As such, several companies that already have a chatbot may face difficulties in choosing the most suitable platform. 
There are a large number of chatbot platforms available, such as Dialogflow, Botpress, and BotStar, each functioning according to their own capabilities, advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is important to do your best in choosing a platform that meets your needs. For instance, more comprehensive platforms like Yelda are designed for large enterprises. It is essential to carefully analyze the available options before choosing a platform.

Create the flow of conversation

After choosing the platform, you need to create your chatbot, the next step is to set up a conversation flow. This conversation flow is a course of order that allows the chatbot to have superior relationships with these users. In short, it is a flow defined by the safe evolution and development of ideas in conversation. As part of creating a chatbot, writing a script planning part of the design process is necessary. Additionally, this conversation flows makes customers feel like they are talking to a human, as it allows the chatbot to react emotionally.

Add additional features

Following the end of the conversation flow chapter, it is essential to add other additional features to strengthen the system of your current chatbot. Indeed, these additional functionalities will allow you to diversify and perfect the experience of your customers. 
They remain a self-programmed tool within the chatbot to allow it to function in accordance with these difficulties or needs that it encounters. This also covers the specific needs of the company, which is the basis of its creation. For example, if the chatbot is already programmed on the commercial services, it would be important for the transaction functionalities to secure the customer's operations.

Test and deploy the chatbot

Testing and deploying the chatbot is the last and important phase in creating a chatbot because it allows you to better analyze your results. Therefore, before deploying the chatbot, you have designed, you must properly test its operation. These tests include general tests, domain-related tests and post-production tests. Each of these tests play important roles during verification. Regarding the global tests, they allow the chatbot to maintain the line of conversation. 
In the event that the user suddenly leaves the conversation, the chatbot's performance indicators may malfunction. As for the domain-related tests, they examine language as well as expressions. This allows them to see if the chatbot is able to respond without nibbling. Regarding the post-production tests, they evaluate various aspects of the functionality of the designed chatbot in order to confirm its effectiveness at the end point.

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