How to process your passenger locator form for Italy

Taking time to go on a trip with your family or friends or even for professional purposes is a good thing. Why don’t you try discovering Italy and the beauty therein? But going to Italy necessitates you to obtain a passenger locator form. In the following lines, we will highlight the processing of your passenger locator form for Italy. 

Modalities of passenger locator form process in Italy

We all know that the first thing to do while thinking of traveling is to determine your destination. This principle is the primary thing after which we can now start normal processing. For travelers coming to Italy, it is a must they get a passenger locator form and there are modalities for this. Check here to know more about PLF Italy.

Any traveler planning on paying a visit to the republic of Italy whether by plane or by ship, is obliged to request for passenger locator form. The requested form must be completely filled out fourteen (14) days before he or she arrives in the country. The period of fourteen (14) days is to be taken seriously. If the form is not completed in a fixed period of time, the fellow form will be invalid. 

Visit the Italy platform created for the purpose of acquiring passenger locator forms. It’s on this platform that you will be able to properly fill out the form. The only possibility for you to fill out a physical form of the PLF is when a technical problem occurs. 

The other requirements before entering Italy

Apart from the passenger locator form required, there are other joint fills needed. The first is an antigen test that must be done within the period of three days (73h) before entering Italy. For some countries close to Italy like the United Kingdom, the test should be done within two days (48h) before arriving in the country. 

The second requirement is the covid-19 test. Due to the gravity of this pandemic and the way it spreads, it is wise to do the covid-19 test. If the test is not done, the visitor will have to take private transport to his or her destination and such fellow will be confined there for a period of time.