Installing a PVC floor in the bathroom: how to proceed?

Installing a vinyl floor in your bathroom is not complicated. With all the necessary tools at your disposal and by following a few instructions, it will take you just a few hours. Read this article to find out how to install PVC flooring in your bathroom quickly and easily.

Delineating the floor

In order to get a successful job, you need to choose a flooring that is well resistant, most are water resistant.  You can get more details by clicking here.  Before you start laying your floor, you need to mark out the spaces. Next, you need to cut your flooring to fit the dimensions of your room. If it is wide, cut it with a little extra on the sides. Cut your PVC floor with a cutter on a flat surface so as not to mark it.

Preparing the floor

The floor on which your PVC floor will be installed must meet a set of conditions. It must be dry, clean and have a flat surface. This will allow you to lay your flooring easily. If the surface has dents, they will be visible through your PVC floor. In addition, there will not be a perfect adhesion of the flooring to the floor.

For uneven surfaces, you can do a leveling. After this, you will have to clean the floor properly to make it clean.

Installing the PVC floor

Once the substrate is well prepared, you can now proceed to the installation of your floor. PVC flooring is easy to install. Simply lay the roll on the floor and spread it over the surface, taking care to leave a margin of at least 5 cm at the ends. Next, you need to mark the corners of the piece in order to obtain a fold that you will cut to make the piece look good.

Then you need to raise your floor and put double-sided adhesive underneath it. Then fold the floor over the adhesive and glue it down. Finally, you need to place the baseboards on the ends of your room to hold your floor.