Reasons to visit England

England is far from being that sad and rainy country that your high school English lessons may have reminded you of. Multicultural, dynamic and always in balance between rebellion and respect for traditions, it cannot be reduced to a few images of Spinal. Here are 5 of the top reasons to travel to England.

Multiculturalism And Party

The expression and cultural presence of immigrant communities in England is visible and celebrated. A trip to England can also be an excuse to discover its multiculturalism through festivals, such as Diwali in London in October or the Chinese New Year in February. For its castles English well deserve their reputation as a people of die-hard revelers. Whatever your style of music, English nights will give you more than one opportunity to leave the fireside to go to pubs, clubs and concert halls and discover the cultural dynamism of a very old country.

Places to visit in England

Royal residences such as Buckingham Palace, Windsor, Kensington, or even Sandrigham which are among the most romantic and most visited places in the country. Let's not forget the Tower of London and its mysteries, unmissable for history buffs. Museums are as plentiful as they are diverse, whether exploring science in the Natural History Museum, the arts in the British Museum in London or the Tate in Liverpool. Music at the Beatles Museum in the same city, or the story of the working class in Manchester for his legends. Who hasn't dreamed of being knight of the round table, Robin Hood, or Phileas Fogg as a child? A trip to England is the perfect excuse to revisit the stories and legends of the past in the footsteps of one of these heroes, or those of the most mysterious criminals in history, thanks to the guided tours of Jack the London 'bayonet".

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