The tongue drum: What you need to know about this instrument

There are many percussion instruments, although there are some that are more considered than others, like the tongue drum. The tongue drum, still known by other names, is an instrument that has stood the test of time with its gas-like shape and ease of use. However, you need to know more about this material before using it.

What is the tongue drum

The tongue drum is a percussion instrument, still called the steel tongue drum, the tank drum and the hank drum. Indeed, the tongue drum works with steel tongues on which you have to hit to create the sound. This musical instrument is built with two convex metal shells. Initially, the tongue drum strongly resembled a tongue, hence its name. But nowadays, there are many forms of steel tongue drums, with all shapes to please. There are also holes on one of the shells for the installation of skates. Different materials can also be involved in making this music tool to make it easier for users.

How to produce sound with the tongue drum

Playing sound with the tongue drum is easy since you just need to use your imagination. By touching the instrument with mallets or hands, it can generate various melodies from the different languages touched. The high pitched sounds come from the small tongues, while the lower pitched sounds are created with the large tongues of the tongue drum. However, the vibrations emitted by the taps on the musical accessory are propagated into the resonance box to produce a sound unique to the tool. The melody actually depends on the duration, the timbre, the intensity and the material and shape of the two shells of the steel tongue drum. However, the result of hitting on a tank drum is pleasant and relaxing. Moreover, the use of the tongue drum is done by all those who wish to experiment with this part of the music.