What are the main reasons for the strong growth of adult nappy products in China?

For years, China has been surprising the world with its increasing success in many areas. Whether it is in the industrial, commercial or demographic sector, this country has amazed the nations. The adult nappy market is also one of the sectors in China that has been growing daily in recent years. So what are the main reasons for the explosive growth of these adult products? Read this article for more information.

The strong growth of the elderly population 

One of the main reasons driving the growth of adult nappy products in China is the aging population, see this link for more information. Due to certain laws that were introduced in China to limit the number of child births, the country is now full of elderly people. This increases the demand for adult nappies due to incontinence problems. Thus, the improvement of the quality of life of the ageing population is the main cause of the animation of the adult products markets in China.

The development of technology 

The strong development of technology in China is also one of the factors driving the marketing of adult nappies in the Chinese markets. The excessive appearance of websites and the trading industry are also vulnerable tools to increase the quantity of these products. The availability of adult nappies on online platforms is also driving consumer demand. The other reason is that the price of these incontinence products for the elderly in China is cheaper. This attracts a mass of customers as they need it to protect themselves from incidences. 

Urinary incontinence

Older people are more prone to certain diseases such as urinary incontinence. This ailment suffered by most adults is also the reason for the considerable increase in nappies in China. As the ageing of the population is a fact that can be observed every day in China, the market for adult incontinence products is bound to increase. In addition, improved hygiene and convenience of use are also important factors that accelerate the high demand for nappies for the elderly in this Asian country.