What is the Visitax tax ?

When you travel to a region, there are many costs that can arise. These include various taxes and unexpected expenses. Do you want to travel to a region in Mexico? Do you know about Visitax? Don't panic, because in these lines you'll get more details about Visitax, a tax applied in some regions of Mexico. Read the guide. 

Who has to pay this tax ? 

Visitax is a tax that was recently implemented in Mexico by the authorities. All foreigners are required to pay this tax, as it is mandatory. However, if you have kids younger than four years old, you should know that they are not eligible to pay the tax. 

If you are traveling in Mexico in general, don't worry, you will not be eligible to pay this tax, as only certain regions are affected. These are areas such as 

- CancĂșn

- Puerto Morelos 

- Holbox 

- Isla Mujeres 

- Riviera Maya 

- Playa del Carmen 

How to pay Visitax ? 

The payment of this tax is very easy and the process has been revised to be understood by all. First, you will have access to a form on which you will have to fill in information about yourself. This includes your name, phone number, address, age, etc. 

Then, you will submit the form to receive a QR code. With this code, you will make the transfer. And that's it, you've paid your Visitax tax. Finally, you will receive a notification of receipt of funds and then a receipt that certifies that you have paid the funds. 

Don't forget to list everyone who is traveling with you in case you have a family. The Visitax is a tax that the government of some regions of Mexico uses to improve the tourist aspect of the region. Pay it, because you are helping to develop these areas.