What reliable software for a business?

In order to make your cash flow more visible within your company, it is advisable to choose programs that can help you. Which reliable software for a suitable entrepreneur? Find out on this page the best sensitive software that makes your company's cash flow unhindered.


This software presents itself as a business management and accounting tool that allows you to manage the primary aspects in tracking your business. It facilitates the management of product sales between you and your customers and purchases with your suppliers. In fact, the software consists of a financial dashboard containing your operations on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. It also displays these operations in relation to your turnover. Solegis is particularly used by self-employed entrepreneurs who are specialized in personal services, with reserved parameters. It offers you a directory of your identification number, the number and date of state consent and also the reactions for the annual tax certificates. In addition to all these details that Solegis provides, it is absolutely manageable for you.

Monday Morning Business

More recommended, this digital program is found to be adapted in a more particular way to the craft and commercial sectors. Possessing a variety of classic tools in commercial management, this instrument offers you additional functionalities. We can list the management of manufacturing, electronic payment terminals, prices such as the price list and bank accounts. Monday Morning Business is adapted to the activities and to several contexts of services. In fact, it is essential for counter sales, e-commerce and commercial agency services. You can install it locally on your workstation, as a collaborative tool, or use it in hosted mode with subscription on the Internet. It contains in addition accounting tools such as your cash flow, sales and purchase journals.

Cobian Backup

Cobian Backup is at the top of all applications of its kind. It is well suited while allowing the scheduling of your backups automatically your files. More used by mobile professionals, it offers you a directory of schedules either in local mode or on your remote server. Note that an FTP client is included in the programming. This software backs up all your data and is a productivity tool for you.