What you need to know about skulls

Skulls were often used in rituals and as trophies, as symbols of victory and humiliation of enemies. Over time, they have become an element of our interior design. However, the symbolism underlying them is very rich. Although they are more popular in some styles than others, skulls remain a popular decoration. Read on to learn more.

The significance of skulls

The skull symbol is often used in fashion and jewelry and is probably the oldest clothing symbol in existence. For more information, see skull decor. Skulls are used in a variety of ways and are a common element in tattoos, piercings, face painting, clothing, jewelry and accessories. 

Given the symbolism of the skull and its significance, one might wonder why it is so popular with interior designers and decorators. But skulls do not have a single meaning; they have different meanings depending on culture, time, and beliefs. Despite the many associations, the geometry and structure of the skull are linked to certain areas of our brain that help us recognize human faces. 

The origin of the skull

The fashion industry has romanticized the skull symbol over the years, but the skull itself dates back to the beginnings of the human race and the first members of our species. Some tribes kept skulls as trophies for their conquests and crimes, others made them jewelry and earrings to give to their loved ones after death. People wore real bones, and the bigger the bones, the more experience and respect a person had in the tribe. They would pierce the skin and wear the bones through holes in the skin or tie them up to be used as accessories. Skulls are often associated with death and dying, which is why they often appear in horror movies. 

Skulls in decoration

Skulls are used everywhere and for everything, perhaps because of their universal appeal and versatility. It will never go out of style because it has been an iconic symbol since before fashion even existed. Some of us wear clothes with skulls because we find them visually appealing (this has to do with an area of the brain that is familiar with skulls) and others wear jewelry, such as skull rings, because it has meaning to them. Death is endlessly fascinating in many ways, and the human skull is a mysterious and recognizable symbol of our mortality.