Who is a jewelry welder?

In all countries, we notice a growth in the use of jewelry in the clothing style of the people. However, this multiplies the manufacturers. The welder in jewelry is simply the one who uses the technique that consists in putting together by fusion two elements. Let's find out in the rest of this article, how one becomes a jewelry welder.

How does one become a welder in jewelry

. This profession is very essential in this era, because almost all men and women have adopted the wearing of jewelry. To learn it, it is crucial to have a blowtorch. Without it, it will be almost impossible for you to solder gold and silver jewelry. However, for your learning, we will present 12 essential tools to use. These tools are used for soldering and stirring jewelry. First, it is important to know the difference between soldering and stirring. Indeed, soldering is the fact of putting together by fusion two parts which have the same alloy. Whereas brazing requires the use of solder to join two parts other than the alloy. As a tool for your training you will need a flashlight. You will also need oxygen and gas cylinders. You also need pressure gauges and flashbacks, honeycomb, wig and insulating plate. In addition, we also have the derocher, the copper clamps, the stirring flux, etc. These tools play their roles in the job.

The difference between brewing and soldering

When you talk about jewelry, there are two methods used to join metals together while hot. You have soldering and brewing, which manufacturers often practice. Welding joins two metals without adding filler metal. Brazing is done on any type of metal. In short, becoming a jewelry welder requires mastery of both methods.