How To Avoid Cancer

Even though cancer is a disease whose many aspects remain mysterious, it is possible to adopt lifestyle habits that will allow you to prevent it. You can therefore have a positive impact on your health and reduce certain risk factors. This will help you decrease your chances of getting cancer.

Quit smoking

Main cancers involved: lung, bladder, pancreas. Cigarette smoke contains at least 3,500 distinct compounds, many of which contribute to the development of cancer and kill 6 million people each year.

Main cancer concerned with skin

Protect your skin from the sun. Several studies have shown beyond any doubt that excessive exposure to the sun is associated with an increased risk of skin cancers, including melanoma. Preventive use of sunscreens reduces the risk skin cancer. Squamous cell cancer and melanoma. The use of sunscreens with a sun protection factor of at least 30 is recommended. The most important thing is to avoid sunburn at all costs at all ages, but especially in children. Indoor tanning should also be avoided due to the enormous risk incurred by exposure to very high doses of carcinogenic UVA rays.

Avoid overweight

Main cancers concerned: colon, breast, endometrium being overweight is an important risk factor for cancer since it causes the multiplication of certain inflammatory molecules which promote the development of mutations among precancerous cells, inducing a hormone level drugs and increase insulin active 30 minutes a day

Main cancers concerned with colon, breast

Physically active people have their risk of being affected by several cancers reduced considerably. The risk of breast and colon cancer can be reduced by 25%, and endometrial, ovarian, lung and prostate cancers are also less common. Women should always massage their breast all the time to check if there is no lump. If any lump is found, consult your doctor.

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